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the project "adopt a float"


icone256px 02The concept is based on the idea that a class could adopt an underwater robot of the « profiling float »-type and follow it during its scientific voyage. The trajectory of the float brings the students into an oceanic zone (e.g. the Mediterranean or the North Atlantic) and, in real-time, allows them to participate in the observations collected by this float as well as to the sciences that are associated.

The scientific voyage of a profiling float can last between 2 and 4 years. All during this time, it can be accompanied to better understand the marine environment and the scientific approach including the questions posed by the researchers.

To adopt and to accompany a profiling float also means an engagement to share the acquired knowledge. « mon océan & moi » also expects the follow-up via the website.

The online information is designed in an a priori self-explanatory way allowing a guided analysis by a teacher and/or scientific mediator. In order to facilitate the preparation of a course and to accompany a class, diverse educative resources are and will be available.

For more information on « adopt a float » and to join this action, please contact us.


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