mon océan et moi

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Carolyn Scheurle

Outreach coordinator

Since the very first ideas and sketches that progressively led us to the creation of the « mon ocean & moi » project, I have been involved in its design and coordination.

Even though this represents a personal interest, this project is also a part of my current professional activities at the Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche. My previous professional experience in (inter-)national organisations, as well as my multidisciplinary academic background, remain valuable assets for the dissemination work that I now carry out.

While the first years were dedicated to development, at present "mon océan et moi" matures. Indeed, the various communities of scientists, mediators and teachers have adopted the project and contribute to its improvement, thus confirming that the initial orientations were well targeted and are undeniably encouraged to be pursued.



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