mon océan et moi

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Christophe Penkerc'h

Computer engineer at Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche (LOV)

As a computer engineer in the laboratory, my main mission is to make the connection between scientific sensors (measurements of biological, physical or chemical properties such as oxygen and pH) with autonomous instruments (floats / profilers).


Anecdote ...

In February 2015, I went to northern Quebec looking for a lake that was deep enough (at least 8 meters) to test the ability of a float to withstand the cold. Sitting in the back of a snowmobile driven by a Quebec ranger, we were going at a brisk pace towards a lake when he stopped abruptly, a mom elk and his cub were on the way.


My motivation to participate in this project ...

Since I work in the lab, I find the oceans exciting, it's unimaginable everything that happens there. I would like to help spread the knowledge of oceanographers to everyone..


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