mon océan et moi

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Emanuele Organelli

Marine Optics, Remote Sensing and Biogeochemical Applications

I am a Marie Curie Fellow at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory in UK and working in the EU REOPTIMIZE project .My research interests deal with phytoplankton and other marine particles, their interactions with environmental factors and especially with light, and with the role that they play in the marine ecosystem.


As a child, my biggest passion was to discover the sea and the organisms living in it. I liked more watching cartoons or to do a drawing with marine sceneries rather than with robots or cars. However, I did not think that this passion could become a job and who asked me "what would you like to be when you grow up?"...
I answered "I want to be a dentist". I clung to this idea until the day I had to matriculate to the dentistry faculty, when I realized that the right way for me was to study biology and marine organisms. Now, I am doing research on microscopic algae and on their interactions with the environment... and this makes me happy.


My motivation to participate in this project.....
The reasons that drive us to do oceanographic research are often unknown to the general public. Thanks to "Mon Océan et Moi", I hope to reduce this gap and raise consciousness of youngest people to the marine environment and its problems.



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